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Do you want to equip your organization with agility, grit and entrepreneurship?

Competencies we believe that every individual should have

  • Agility

    Learn the ability to identify and use technology or trend in building real-life solutions for real-life problems - quickly and effectively. As a future-ready individual, you should be able to advance in the age of digital disruptions and discontinuities. Equip yourself with technical skills in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, web & application development, design, and robotics.

  • Grit

    Train yourself with the ability to persist in something you feel passionate about and persevere when you face obstacles. In today’s competitive and ever-changing future you should be able to fall forward and stand up. Enable yourself with the driver of achievement and success. Grit is independent of and beyond what skills and intelligence contribute. Without grit, your talent may be nothing more than unmet potential.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Thinking like an entrepreneur will help you right from the beginning. Learn how to plan ahead and foresee potential problems, taking risks, communication, and innovation. Our courses are designed to help learners create meaningful solutions through collaboration, critical thinking and complex problem-solving Having an entrepreneurial mindset means you will be able to draft vision, execute skillsets to build solutions - beyond innovation and excellence.

Check what our students say

Jaya Mei

Very inspirational and educational. Key points are delivered is the simplest way possible. The execution of topics is properly done. You can really learn a lot of techniques and strategies, not just for your business but for yourself as well.

Green Marc

It was a great season. This is season taught me alot of IDeas about entrepreneurship. Hoping for more SAGE Season to come.

Gianne Cezar

Being a SAGE Season 1 student is really a great a experience for a fresh graduate like me due to Professional speakers that helped me shape and straighten my grit before stepping in to the real world. I encourage other people to also join the SAGE Masterclass journey. This does not only limit in Fresh graduates nor long time working in the industry. I believe that Sage is for everyone who has the capability and passion to learn.

John Reuben

"SAGE has allowed my to level-up my confidence in building a business. Hearing from industry leaders about the things even they struggled with and how they overcame those struggles has made a huge impact for me, and I think it's that struggle that many people need to know more about. They do not teach your many of these things at school, and so hearing and learning from the mentors has been an insightful, inspiring, and delightful experience."

Dan Niño

It's not always you'd get statements, be able to connect with executives, and learn from their experiences and wisdom, but with SAGE, it was possible.

Edwin Karlos

Learning from SAGE has been a great experience for me, their insights on different things helped me see the business world in different perspectives

Beetche Ann

When I started the lesson, I didn't know what to expect but as time went on, it really inspired me to act. I was amazed by how hardworking and determined the speakers were when they pursued what they want. I hope to bring these lessons into my daily life to make it more fulfilling.


Through SAGE, I was given the opportunity to learn from real-life experts, innovators, and mentors around the world. The enormous learning from various speakers/presenters will be invaluable to everyone who wants to take their journey one step at a time.


SAGE invited speakers who are the best in their line of business and profession. I've learned many things from the masterclasses as the speakers share their journeys, knowledge, failures, and success. I've experienced very interactive online classes wherein you can have a chance to ask a question directly to the speaker. Each session doesn't just inspire me but also challenges me to prepare myself to capture the best opportunities that life has to offer. I'm so grateful to SAGE for giving us an excellent educational platform focusing on agility, grit, and entrepreneurship.

Niznik Marie

SAGE gave me an opportunity to learn from the best set of speakers. The talks were truly inspirational and full of insights. I will always remember what Ms. Rina Neoh shared during her talk that "Your goal is not to be better than others, but to make a difference in the lives of others". By joining the SAGE virtual sessions, it already made a simple difference in my life especially during this pandemic because it made me learn a lot of essential lessons that I could use to thrive and not just survive during a crisis; lessons which could also be applied for the future and as I continue my journey in the field of Information Technology.

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