We’re here to help you have more positive, outcome driven and respectful conversations.

6 Weeks Program with 1-2 Hours of learning/practicing per week.

Digital Micro-learning with engaging contents.

Weekly Live Q&A Support 

Exam and Certification

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The key objectives for the program includes:

  • How to have authentic, engaging and caring conversations between advisors and entrepreneurs
  • How to be  more influential and encourage innovative ideas
  • How to sustain small changes and develop new habits that will become key to entrepreneur’s success

Advisor Certification Highlights

Become familiar with the effective OSA structure for Collaborative Conversations (C2)

Learn about the 2 essential Aspects of the C2 Mindset:

  • Giving Ownership to the other
  • Being Non-judgmental

Learn and practice 4 critical Skills for effective Collaborative Conversations:

  • Building Trust through Progress-U’s unique CRC Model
  • The 4 Degrees of Listening
  • Effective Questioning
  • Direct Communication

Advisor Certification Program Scope

  • Acquire 6 Competences

    Organizational Model and Situational Approach (OSA) Mindset – Ownership and being Non-judgmental Skill 1: Building Trust Skill 2: 4 Degrees of Listening Skill 3: Effective Questioning Skill 4: Direct Communication




What Will You Get as a SAGE ADVISOR

1. You will be eligible to be part of the SAGE AMC (Advisor, Mentor, Coach) Platform as one of the SAGE Advisors. As an advisor you can open your schedules for advising booking. 

2. You will earn additional income for every SAGE booking you get. 40% of the booking fee will go to you.

3. You will receive an internationally recognized certification. You can practice the certification to other organizations as an independent consultant. 

4. You will be part of a global community of advisors, mentors and coaches.

5. You will have the chance to advise a potential startup unicorn.  

SAGE Advisor Program Cohort 1

Starts on November 25, 2020.

Open to all Working Professionals, Business Owners and Consultants who attended our SAGE Learning Sessions from the previous seasons. Cost of the Program: PhP 6,500 or 135 USD (inclusive of VAT) – SAGER’s PRICE